We are in Tirano, a small charming town located in the heart of Valtellina at an altitude of 450 meters, in high Lombardy, cradled between the Rhaetian and Orobie Alps.

Among the beauties of Tirano, the following stand out: the Basilica of Madonna di Tirano (sixteenth century) the most important example of the Valtellina Renaissance with its splendid Baroque organ (seventeenth century); the ancient gates and the remains of the walls built by Ludovico Sforza knows as Il Moro: the historic center with its palaces nobles; the local culture revealed in the rich Ethnographic Museum.

Always a crossroad rich of history and culture, where food and wine take shape with linking territory and nature and the spirit is inhibited by relaxing through fairy-tale paths or immersing in warm thermal waters in nearby Bormio.

Tirano is also famous for being the terminus of the picturesque railway line of the Bernina Red Train (UNESCO world heritage).

A land waiting to be discovered


  • With the mountain-bike – e-bike
  • On horseback through wooden paths
  • By helicopter, flying over the majestic peaks of the Rhaetian and Orobie Alps
  • On two wheels having as its goal the fabulous Stelvio pass
  • Rafting or canoeing up the Adda river


on board the Bernina red train, a jewel that belongs to the Rhaetian Railway since 2008 has become

Unesco World Heritage

along a breathtaking route, the highest train in Europe connects the Italian terminus Tirano to the renowned Swiss resort in the Engadine, St. Moritz.



paths on the terraces, combining a tour to the wineries to learn about the Nebbiolo of Valtellina


Cammino Mariano delle Alpi

itinerary in stages along the places of Marian worship in the province


the palate with the

” Bresaola”

salted and dried beef typical of Valtellina, and


crunchy pancakes of round shape with heart of melted cheese, continuing with the


first course prepared with buckwheat  flour and richly seasoned with butter and cheese


with a Valtellina apple compote accompanied by a fragrant

Braulio bitter.


  • Bormio with its SPA/thermal baths, and ski area
  • Livigno with its duty free zone
  • St.Moritz and the Engadine with their timeless charme


the historic center, a mix of ancient alleys

courtyards with a rural accent

small squares and noble palaces of considerable value without forgetting the dedicated streets.

Where the attention to details dialogues harmoniously with the scenery of the alps...